More than 500 applicants from the deep south to the far north

Three men and three women vying for a chance to train with the world champion All Blacks Sevens and Black Ferns Sevens squads in 2019.

“We were absolutely thrilled with the quality and variety of athletes who came forward and that made it a tough group to select

40m Sprint

Athletes are timed at 10, 20 and 40-metre intervals. It’s about speed and explosion from a static start

Men - Under 5.40 Sec - Women - Under 5.90 Sec


It’s a shuttle run for total time. Cones are set up at 20, 40 and 60m and perform shuttles there and back to each distance. That’s one set and you do 5 of these that test the athletes speed and stamina.

Men - 5:15 mins - Women - 5.45 mins

Vertec (CMJ)

The vertical jump tests an athletes athleticism and explosive vertical power. Important for jumping to contest for the high ball.

Men +50cm - Women +35cm

Broad Jump

The broad jump tests an athlete’s lower-body horizontal power and athleticism. Highly related to sprint acceleration ability.
The athlete starts out with a balanced stance and then they explode out as far as he can.

Men - 2.40 meters - Women - 2.10 meters

Rugby Skills Test

11 different activities form this test. From catch and pass to pressure under a high ball.

Bench 60/40

The bench press is a test of bursts of strength (60kgs for Men’s and 40kgs for Women’s) where athletes perform 5 reps as explosivley as possible.
What the NZR High Performance Team are looking for is upper body power, important for fending off defenders.

Men +1.20 m/s - Women +1.10 m/s

Tackle Force

A test of maximum strength. How much force can you generate!

Men +140kg - Women +120kg